E-Drum Set: Roland TD-30K

E-Drum Set Roland TD-30K

The heart of this set - the TD-30 sound module - produces the SuperNATURAL sounds supported by the "Behavior Modeling" sound module. This causes an extremely precise and expressive playing of all strokes, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a tom, snare, cymbal or kick.

A professional V-Edit mode facilitates the generating of custom sounds. With the USB port it’s possible to save backups and audio playbacks as WAV and MP3. With the second separate USB port you can connect to a computer.

Individual sounds

Pads: The pads have been modified so that the PDX -100 tom pads have a new rim sensor, which can differentiate dynamic levels and rimshot depth even better. The tom pads have a size of 10" and two trigger zones, which can be configured with individual sounds.

Furthermore, the three tom pads of the Roland TD-30K have a Dual-Mount-Function, which allows a attachment on the rack in two different ways.

The snare pad is 12" tall, can be fixed on the snare stand and has a black finish. The transmission between the rim and coat has been optimized and appeal a flawless triggering.

Authentic sounds

Cymbal- and hi-hat pads: By attaching the pads to a conventional hi-hat stand, the authenticity of playing maximizes a lot. Cause the hi-hat pads consist of flexible cymbal pads, which are fit on a base plate. The natural vibration characteristics and accurate triggering with choke option of the cymbal pads are the result of optimized weight-balance and sensitivity.

The ride cymbal pad has even three trigger zones: The edge, the playing surface and the tip. The 15" crash cymbal pad also gives the option to choose between two trigger zones: edge - playing surface or playing surface - tip, which allows the pad to switch from crash cymbal into ride cymbal.

All desired settings

Rack: Equipped with flexible ball-clamps for the toms and snare, the set can be comfortably adjusted to the desired setting. The cables run within the struts and the cymbal holders have a gallows function.

The result is an expressive and sophisticated feeling within the playing. A percussion workstation which unite to form a symbiosis between the stroke and feeling at all dynamic levels and drummer specific techniques.